Media Queries not working in production

I’ve been working with HTML, CSS and jquery for many years. I’m no expert nor am I a polished web designer (I’ve transitioned to project manager over the years so I’ve been mostly hands off lately). Downloaded Pinegrow in an attempt to quickly build a digital resume for myself. I’ve been working with Pinegrow for the last 6 weeks and I’ve gotten to know it pretty well, but sure I could learn more.

I’m almost done with the website but I’m having some big trouble getting media queries to work in any production setting once the code files are live/uploaded on the server. The media queries work fine in Pinegrow though.

Any tips? I know I’m not providing much detail and can provide more but any ideas what I’m doing wrong?

The meta tag is in proper place. I’ve used both the GUI in pinegrow (the selector and media query create function) and hand coded it into the CSS style library to no avail. Again, this all works well in Pinegrow when tested there but completely doesn’t work in any production setting. Any help is appreciated!

All I can say is providing a link to a life page will generate the most helpful tipps, indeed. This is one of the biggest diseases in this forum. Sharing screenshots of code (or even thousands of posted lines of code) is so annoying as well. I’m not aware, why people not sharing links, it’s the easiest and quickest way for troubleshooting (at least for me).

But here is my view into the crystal ball:

If things work “internal” but not “external” I’m guessing link issues to resources.



I wasn’t sure what would be helpful or not in terms of providing info so that’s good to know. I’ll make sure to post a link next time. I can post a link but wouldn’t be able to view it yet. It’s also very much a mess right now - I have a lot of clean up to do on that end.

But actually your crystal ball was very helpful. You were right. I didn’t realize that certain components were creating a seperate CSS file that was overriding my settings in the general stylesheet. Pinegrow was working with it fine but since I completely missed it - it never got uploaded or linked properly when live. I updated it, loaded it in and now everything is working. Thank you very much for providing that shot in the dark insight without having a lot to work with. Very very appreciated!