Creating nested folders/directories with PG?

Hello folks, yet another Freeway Pro refugee, PineGrow newbie trying to decide whether to purchase the Pro version of PG, or not. I see that it is a very capable web editing program and that the real question is whether I have the brain functionality to make this work for me. I am severely dyslexic and therefore have a very tough time dealing with “code” of any type.

My true specialty is organic SEO and I do very, very well for my clients as far as getting their websites on the first page of the search results. I have certain whitehat tricks that I have been using for well over a decade now and certainly do not want to give up anything as far as SEO is concerned.

So my question is about creating nested folders/directories to keep all but the main/front page in. Very long, word descriptive URLs are extremely important for SEO and most “webbies” never bother with creating proper URLs.

My first question is how long (how many characters) can a page and a folder’s name be? I am hoping that it is at least 127 like Freeway Pro’s is. For all the pages other than the index page, I like creating URLs that are several hundred characters long. This is a good example:

Also what is the limit of characters for the “Title” of a webpage made with PG?

And then how do I go able creating folders within a PG project in which I can nest my webpages?

Lastly, I find too many website builders are cluess about how to create good, organic SEO and they just expect it to happen. I on the other hand will design the website on a foundation of SEO and then design the look and feel to match the required SEO. As far as website building for cleints go, there is NOTHING more important than the SEO and I mean nothing.

Thanks for any and all help!

Basically it just means you think in pictures and are very intelligent. Instead of trying to read code see it as a series of photos or pictures that you can rearrange to make happen what you want. There is a direct correlation to what you see in code and what happens with the web page itself. Working in code just gives you the fine tuning ability you can’t do through other methods.

You create the folder structure outside of pinegrow using if you are a Windows users then Windows Explorer to create the directory structure for the site. If you are a Mac user than whatever equivalent to directly create folders and directories in the file system.

Then in pinegrow use the load Project option and navigate to the parent folder of your new site and then you can interact with the folders from within Pinegrow.

You put the title and other meta information in the page itself using the code editor which you get to by clicking on the </> on the top of the page to the right of where the name of the file, size of the page and Page options are at. If you go all the way to the right there is the closing X which would close the page.

The only limitations you have with length is what the internet and Search Engines allow, there are no length limitations when working with code directly.

Will be great if you would share your expertise with tips in the forum on how to create good SEO, will look forward to your sharing.

With Pinegrow PRO, you can work with projects, via projects you can add folders directly (and nest them) - as well as the method that @Terry described via the OS if you wish, then open as a project.

As far as limits I don’t think you will encounter an issue and can continue with what you are used to. You should be fine across all those aspects.

I would agree with this. It would be nice to hear your input and suggestions from all that you have learned since 1997.

@matjaz Feature-Request: Actually SEO could perhaps be brought more front and center within the app via a more centralized approach of input, per page or site/project. Something to perhaps consider?

Well, where do we start? SEO is a long, deep subject and there is no easy fix, no magic software, no plug-in that really creates true organic SEO. Good SEO is not created by someone working for cheap in a different nation than the client’s business.

First a foundation of SEO must be made before you can build a website on top of it. SEO is the first and foremost consideration of any business website (or just about any website, really) and only after you get a true grasp of what the client/business/entity’s website needs are can one design a look and feel for it.

So first the true SEO master will study the client’s business as it it was their own and learn it, then learn what and who their customers are, who should/could be their prospective customers and what their competition is and is not doing.

Then once you have all of that information gathered, you analyze it and try to figure out what is needed to put your client’s website above their competition in as many different search queries as possible.

What I just wrote above is no doubt the most important part of SEO, the knowledge of the subject at hand. Each and every business/client has their own needs, have their knish and it is the SEO expert that has to bring that out in the client’s website.

You can make an absolutely killer looking, feeling, performing website BUT if it is never found when the masses are making their search queries, how good of a website is it really?

Thank you Terry 44 for the quick answers.

So like Freeway Pro would create a “site folder” for you and then within the app you could easily create folders as you need them. I understand what you are saying and so that is not a big deal, as long as I would be able to add/delete/rename the file structure as the project moves along. Would I then just have to have PG “re-look” at the same file structure again and then all is good?

As I mentioned above, you can actually open an empty folder as a project (ie: somesite) and build it out from there right in Pinegrow PRO, adding pages, folders, rename things, etc., establishing your structure and hierarchy right in the app.

Yes. You can also create physical pages directly within Pinegrow as well into any of the folders within the project.

Duplicate and rename files and folders but you can’t move them say you wanted to move a folder you created into another folder, you would not be able to do this in Pinegrow or move a file into another folder. I tried to do this but was unable to.

Personally I just create and manage the physical structure outside of Pinegrow.

[quote="Rgator, post:5, topic:542"] Would I then just have to have PG “re-look” at the same file structure again and then all is good? [/quote]
Yes, if you do it within Pinegrow it will automatically reload the project. If you do it like myself outside of PG then you just right click on the parent folder within the project and select "Reload project."

You can do it either way, within or outside of Pinegrow to manipulate the files and file structure.

Good point @Terry44, I guess I never noticed that and always just created the structure I needed. It’s odd that you can create yet not move items, given the need for file access when creating it seems the same opportunity would be there for the app to move items as well. That would certainly be a welcome addition to move things via the Project Tab as well. [ Feature Request ].

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