Css code auto-formating - stop abusing my brackets!

Hey that’s great - when I edit a CSS attribute in Pinegrow, the css file automatically updates! Yippee!

But wait… What did you do to my css file? Ah - you automatically assumed that I wanted my curly opening brackets on a new line. Every one of them.

Well I didn’t. I hate it. Yes, that’ my personal opinion and my writing preference (from my twenty years of coding) and I really REALLY don’t suddenly want to start liking it because Pinegrow thinks bracketed blocks should start on a new line.

So please stop it. Right away. Pretty please.

I’m just bouncing between Pinegrow and Bootstrap Studio right now. I guess the least irritating is going to win…

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I like it :slight_smile:
devils advocate

but… Ive not been coding for 20 years.

and how about the most useful is going to win?

Yes, its early, and Im whiling away time on the forum, so GOOD MORNING @caconym

Second this. Even more, PG adds two empty lines on top of each style-sheet.

But you know what? At the end of the day, CodeKit as one of my most important tool developing stuff (and I’m bad on it) ensures a minified and compressed version of css (and js). And brackets has (as far as I remember) an extension for it as well.

But that’s just for the protocol - not mentioned as “no further action required on this” input.