Pinegrow keep changing new rows between saves

Pinegrow keeps adding and removing new rows in the HTML structure all over a document at the smallest change somewhere in the document. And it’s removing lines in one place and adding on another place, and the next time you do a change in that document it changes the rows back, flipping the different changes.

So every time I get many “changes” in a document when committing it, often I only change a really small detail somewhere. And when using the Visual Studio Code compare feature you can no longer find the small changes, as the whole document is indicated that it has changed everywhere.

And if someone else in the team tries to see what’s changed, forget it!

I like auto formating, but why aren’t the rules of the auto formatting not consistent. Why are new lines added and removed all over a document that was autoformatted previously one way?

In this screenshot, I can’t even find my change, what has changed? All these changes are done by auto formating. And the next time this file is updated in pinegrow the new lines will be removed or added again.

I understand I can turn off Auto formatting, but I like it and it keeps the document structure, but I guess I will have to turn it off as the inconstancies in the auto-formatting rules that switch between adding and removing lines at previously formatted places.

Hi @BlackO,
Do you think you could give us a few details for troubleshooting, please?
What OS are you using?
I’m assuming you are using the latest version of Pinegrow?
Based on the screenshot, I’m guessing you are using VSC. I’m also assuming that the problem is occuring while you are using the extension to connect with Pinegrow?
Are you using any code prettifier extension on the VSC side?

VSC auto save enabled?

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MacOS 12.2.1
Pinegrow 6.4
I don’t use any VCS/Pinegrow extension.
I’m not editing any files in VCS, just using it to handle git.
I haven’t installed any VCS prettifier.

Not editing anything in VSC, just using it to handle Git.

Hi @BlackO,
Can you help me with the workflow? I just want to repeat the difficulty you are having.
Here is my guess.

  1. You open the project in Pinegrow, make changes to a file and save.
  2. Then you open the Project in VCS and make Git additions.

The question is, do you then close VCS?

1: yes
2: Yes, I just use VCS to push/pull to resolve conflicts with other developers.

Problem now:
A developer looks at the frontend code that I made to see what’s changed in a page that they are building in a CMS, like Umbraco. They can’t see the small change I made to the Bootstrap part of the page (just adding or removing a BS class on an element) as it looks like there are a lot of changes. And I have to manually tell them about where the same change has been made, or I have to go into Umbraco and do the change to the page type myself as I know where the small change is.

I’m not familiar with Umbraco at all. What do you mean by:

There is no change to their Page View. Or…
I’m having troubles replicating your problem. Can you reduce it down to something simple I can reproduce on my end? Such as, open this template, commit to git, make the following changes, save, commit to git-problem.
Does the problem only occur when someone pulls changes back from the repo?

To be honest, I didn’t even know VCS could install these, that’s why I said no, let alone that they have some activated as default.
So now I have deactivated all formating features in VCS för HTML/CSS/SCSS files.

We will see if this helps. But I guess it has to be disabled for everyone working on the project? When they open the file to see changes, VCS will automatically “prettify” the code differently than how it was generated in Pinegrow and show more changes than the “small one” in my example?.

I hope this is the solution and that the line break changes will stop.

If this is it, I’m sorry if I wasted your time…

After disabling the VCS features, and then activating the Pinegrow “Auto-format HTML code” I’m back to having the flip flop new row changes.
It’s happening a lot in the header, where I have a menu that’s in the “master”.
I really like the “Auto-format HTML code” but this behavior that one small change on a page results in git changes on 30-40 rows is not working.
I have marked the only actual changes in this document below. All the rest on screen is just removed or added lines.

Hi @BlackO,
I’m struggling to replicate your problem. Can you let me know the exact steps that occurred before you took the screenshot? I believe you that a problem is occurring as documented by the images, but I can’t replicate the problem to better troubleshoot.

Sorry for the radio silence, I have been focusing on my actual work, but now I got a big “in my face” issue with this that I have to share.

I re-opened a file I have been working on recently and did a small change. And the whole document changed. :frowning:

And because new users can’t post more than one media file per post I have to do multiple posts.

So I reverted the document, turned off the Pinegrow Auto-format HMTL feature, and did the same change.

Here is an example of inconsistent behavior. On one row the “icon” has been returned from a separate row to the row above, on the next the “Icon” has been moved to a new separate row.

I don’t know if has to do with me using Components and Master Pages, but I will have to live without the “Autoformat HTML feature.”

Hi @BlackO,
For your first new post, how was the document created/edited before you made the change in Pinegrow?

@BlackO OMG, I’m literally having a nightmare with this too! I was going to start another thread. Especially when I manage Git even slightly poorly. I’m getting changes on the most insignificant lines.

@RobM my entire project has been created in Pinegrow although small changes may have been done in VS code but I’m currently running into very similar lines highlighted as changes often and causing ‘conflicts’ in git, even though I hadn’t changed them.

Hi @fakesamgregory,
Do the row changes always happen near to a <i> element?

@RobM unfortunately not for me

Any consistency? We haven’t gotten a lot of feedback to trouble-sho0t/recreate the problem.