CSS Grid - Different column and row gap values

Hi there all. CSS grid question here.
hand writing css grid I can specify different values for the rows and columns gap. In PG though i just see the field “gap” which affects both row and column. Maybe there is something i am missing.
example *
grid-column-gap: 0px;
grid-row-gap: 20px;
Thanks all

hi @red-rosefields, have you opened the hand written code in Pinegrow and seen if the number you have entered appear in one of the fields/slider?

I see the line “grid-gap: 20px” which is the value i set with the using the css grid visual helper. If i manually change that line to grid-column-gap: 0px and grid-row-gap: 20px; i see no change reflected to the layout.

Oh nevermind! i found it! the property is editable under the visual editor tab, selecting the body element which is where the grid is placed.
Thanks anyway!