5.97: CSS Grid behaves differently

i found a bug in Pinegrow 5.97: When I add a CSS grid, the columns are in the wrong place and sometimes invisible… Only when I add a value in the gap field does the tool behave as in your tutorial. This is a bug that has not yet occurred in version 5.96. Does anybody have the same Problem?

Hi @Johnny - I can confirm that I have the same problem.

I have been having difficulty using the css grid… It doesn’t sync well depending on where we are in the page (media query based views)… even when I have a class assigned to the grid container, css grid panel defaults to “style attributes”…

There needs to be serious performance enhancement necessary to work with css grid without lags & sync issues.

I’m currently on PG v5.96, I might have to wait for the bugs on the latest version to be fixed before upgrading… I wonder if the latest version has any performance enhancements?

I’ve actually found the CSS Grid to be pretty poor vs other places (like https://theme.co/pro, Microthemer or Webflows). I’m hoping it’s going to have some tweaks and work smoother in the near future.

Thanks all for your feedback with the grid builder in 5.97.
We are currently investigating the situation.

Then regarding how grid is implemented, I remember that back in July 2018, Pinegrow was among the first multi-platform desktop application to get a visual grid editor/builder and since that date, we have mostly received thanks & encouragement from satisfied users from all over the world, both amateurs and professionals.

One thing’s for sure, we will not clone the competitors’ integrations BUT yes, definitely, there is always room for improvement.

As usual, we don’t always add our grain of salt in all the discussions BUT we read you, so feel free to add all your good ideas (with details, screenshots, mockups …) in the #feature-request section :slight_smile:

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My feedback was on top of all the praise for pinegrow, the best :wink:

Thanks for making it more awesome

Thanks for the CSS Grid bug report. We just released a hot fix for it (through a JS script loaded from our server). You just need to restart PG, no need to wait for the next update.


Coffee Cup Software “CSS Grid Builder” was perhaps one of the first to fit that criteria of multi-platform desktop apps I remember downloading that in September of 2017. What Firefox Developer had in early 2017 was pretty neat also. Nowadays its pretty nice how many free web based tools there are for CSS Grid along with how common place CSS Grid dev support is in apps (both desktop and hosted). Best of all approximately 95% browser support with various quirks, of course subgrid support is gonna be a while.

Thanks. Is such a hot fix saved or cached within the app once called or do you need to remain online and keep the app open for it to persist from a remote source?

You need to be online when starting PG. The file is not cached locally. The fix will be incorporated into the next release.

Ok thanks, good to know.

@Pinegrow_User Fun fact: Believe it or not, when I wrote the word among in bold, I was totally thinking about your next answer :slight_smile:

Yes @Emmanuel, I was able to read and see your use of ‘among’ emphasized in bold and likewsie knew you would be somewhat oddly offended and choose to respond when I added additional context chonologically even in a friendly manner. :crazy_face:


Really, I’m not offended at all! :wink:
I recognize a very rich culture on this business and the actors and products in presence and it is important to have interlocutors who know how to maintain the memory of this common passion that animates us.

However to be very precise, in your retrospective, unless I am mistaken, the solution mentioned first in your answer is not really comparable because it is not “open” as Pinegrow can be, in the sense that it does not allow to import any existing standard HTML document/project.

This is a fundamental point of difference - that definitely does not take away from their possible primacy over the CSS Grid functionality but - that it is important to underline.

Didn’t mean to offend @Emmanuel , I think it’s great that you’ve got CSS Grid in the first place and I have no doubt a lot of people have loved having it, vs not having it :slight_smile:

My comment was just stating that it seems to be a bit outdated from a UI/UX standpoint vs the alternatives that are out now (especially ease of use).

Although Pinegrow is aimed heavily at developers, improving the grid UI would help both beginners (designers who want to build sites) and advanced users (developers).

Gentlemen, once and for all, you do not offend me with your remarks! :wink:

If I happen to sometimes re-situate some comments in a more realistic context or to emphasize some of Pinegrow’s strong points, each one of your feedbacks is read carefully and inspires the whole team to be even better in the future. (whether it’s near or far, we move forward at the pace of a small but always motivated and passionate team :evergreen_tree:)

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Hey, the bug was fixed with the hotfix. the css grid is cool. I like to use it, but not exclusively. I am very impressed with the quick support! Thank you so much!

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Good to know @Emmanuel and yes we each could expound further in vast and varying ways but I’m sure each can agree upon the latter aspect of my original comment about the evolving prominence of CSS Grid. Many viable and notable apps and workflows have already included CSS Grid. So thats no longer the requirement to most, instead now it becomes what other aspects differentiate these apps as benefits and strengths amongst the industry, be that workflow or features. Its an industry that moves quickly forward towards the never ending horizon of change and advancements.

So I do appreciate the dialog and discussion. I also understand discussing potential competitive product alternatives can be somewhat frowned upon here at times. :wink:


Not at all, alternative solutions with interesting, ingenious, new and/or quality features exist and we are of course curious about the market and its evolutions.

I already exposed it here a few years ago, I think that in our favorite discipline, there is no universal product and that the ideal workflow is certainly composed of several tools, the important thing being that they can communicate/exchange via standardised formats to guarantee continuity of flow and perenniality of content.

Thats good, but I do remember this thread being locked and unlisted about Wappler. :upside_down_face:

I think they are also a small team which have done a pretty interesting job of quickly advancing their app way past just including the existing Dreamweaver extensions they previously offered. They now offer some impressive developer related features that are entirely new from their previous product spectrum.

But somewhat ironically relative to this exact discussion I believe they have yet to include CSS Grid? However it looks curretnly mostly tied exclusively to BootStrap and other frameworks within the workflow. Regardless it does remain rather impressive what their small team has accomplished none the less in a short period of time concerning including a wide range of open industry standards for developers.

So its safe to guess you didn’t feel like constantly re-situating that thread about Wappler. :grin:

Agreed tools can lack features but without those basic open abilities they quickly become pointless and fragile. Many tools can come and go because of this but more importantly can leave users in utter disarray when that happens. So indeed openness for the win in this industry.

the hot fix for CSS grid is only required for 5.97, correct?

those of us still running 5.96 do not need the hot fix?

CSS Grid was what got me into programing my own webpage. when i looked around last year at all the options, i quickly discovered PG and nothing else compared. I discounted the on-line tools since i wanted too have my content available to work on off line.

So far it’s been great using PG and i’m glad to see such involved support on this forum.

thanks for doing what you are doing, and keep going.