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CSS grid in Pinegrow


Hi, has anyone looked at

in PineGrow open URL?

i looks totallly broken to me.
I was going to check out the layout and css grid in Pingrow, but, ummm, not happening.

yeah interesting. I was just chatting to @balam on slack and it is broken in firefox on his linux too.
Yet works on my firefox. on a mac (he is version 59 on linux i am 58 on mac)

Its broken in Google Chrome.

broken in vivaldi
Broken in safari 11.0.3
and Opera.

so it would appear that it only works on firefox on mac!
oh! pants

what does anyone else think of this web design technology? is it worth adopting it just yet?
and wha DOES It work in?

and itsnt it odd… we have css grid capability in Pinegrow but
cant view this site in it! :smiley:

So, what is broken and how to make it work?

It should look like that at the beginning. …funky

That is the mouse over effect. not visible in any other browser


The href for the stylesheet has a relevant URL and there is a query in the URL so you would need to change the link tag to <link rel="stylesheet" href="">
It will then display correctly in Pinegrow.

For supported browsers


ah geat! thanks I thought it might be a page style error but was too tired, and puzzled by why it workd in firefox. great

super!!! well done you :slight_smile: thanks.
ok, bed now IM tired

wow! weird the span classes have all got strange emoticons for the CSS GRID animated header in the tree view! wtf?


If you look at the page source code they are used in the class names :rofl:, sense of humor maybe?

As to it working in Firefox it could be that the file was cached?