CSS Grid Pinegrow Tutorial Problem

I’m working through the tutorial Positioning with named lines and improving the design - Updated | Pinegrow Web Editor and have a problem with the poster image. No matter if in the wordpress plugin or in the normal pinegrow I have this problem. The image enlarges the 2 row with the headline. But in the video this does not happen. What am I doing wrong here? Only if I set the value of auto to a fixed value it fits so far. How can I achieve that it is limited to the height of the header area (as in the video) and does not increase this area as in my case.

Screen from Tutorial:

Screen my Work with Wordpressplugin:

Can you upload a copy zip file of your project? It’s hard to tell what might be happening from your screenshots, but I suspect it’s a simple CSS issue.

You may also want to check the finish.html file in the Summer Nights tutorial project. That project does pretty much the same things as the one you are working on, so you might get some valuable insight there.

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Hi Adam, thank you very much for the explanation. Yesterday I searched a bit in Pinegrow’s Youtube fund and found this: Update on the poster image - CSS Grid Course - YouTube Here Matjaž showed the difference between the rendering of the older version and the new one. This was also my problem. With the wrapper around the image, it worked.