CSS grid style attribute menu not visible

I am following the YouTube tutorial 'Learn CSS Grid with Pinegrow #4 - positioning with named areas. While trying to do this myself (macos 13.2, pg 7.2 trial) at around 1:50 where it is explained how to change the style attribute to a named one, the video shows the use of a small ‘Style Attribute’ floater menu to change the attribute - I see no such small extra floater in my Pinegrow. I see all the handles and I can use them and I have named the areas but no ‘style attribute’ menu is visible. I can set style="grid-area: header; in code and it works fine so I am continuing like this but wondering why I am missing a small piece of the visual UI.

P.S. I can also change it via right clicking in the document tree | CSS Grid | Set named area so it’s not slowing me down any more.

@spindrift thanks for reporting this!

A while ago the position of this button was changes, so that it would not obstruct the content of the selected element. But due to a bug it is never shown.

I fixed it. From the next release, the button will be shown in the main selected element menu: