Css grid tool default example text

When using the grid inspector it seems to have “dummy” text in each catagory instead of being blank. you can see the dummy text here in the grid example: https://medium.com/@mattront/how-to-learn-css-grid-with-pinegrow-e865ece2e137

For example notice the first picture under grid item and area it says area1 4/2 area2

It has random things like that filled in all the categories no matter what style you select. When you select a style that does finally have grid applied to it only then does the correct categories light up and show the correct values but it still leaves the other examples filled in too…

You can see in the grid container settings picture (5th picture from top) it says “a b c” “a d e” and 110px 1fr etc. I know its just an example but I really cant thing straight looking at it all and I know unless someone specifically does the entire tutorial above and I was still confused since the example used a b c etc. and I didn’t get those were examples for a while.

At a minimum its really annoying at worst its really confusing to have the example text or whatever it is. Is it possible to have those fields blank when well they should be blank? Imagine how confusing it would be if when you select a style every single possible attribute has random example text filled in its option so I don’t see why the grid has it.

Can I edit a preferences text document or something that has those examples in it and just delete them hopefully.

I love pinegrow but please I hope somehow I can remove those.