Custom library in the Insert panel

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I’d like to make myself a collection of elements i found on Accordion | Framework7 Documentation (the link is just an example, if you look on the left there’s a list of all the components provided) I’d like the idea of having a sort of custom library to pick from the elements that i need often.

On their page, there all the instructions on how to create the element so that you just need to adjust the content, but the skeleton is ready.

My idea is that i’d need to create an HTML page with all of them and then assign a selector for ex. “.t-component” so that the elements can be picked … but in all honesty, i think a little start video tutorial, would be really helpfull, just to see the logic of doing it or maybe there is already one so a link, would be also really appreciated. Note - i already looked at the documentation page, but to my understanding, the example of Material Kit is based on something that exist already, so my question here is how can i make my own (and btw, the Framework7 is just an example, don’t know that framework and probably i don’t need it, i like my css, even if it’s not perfect, but it teach me the way of doing things. )

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I think you might be after @Dom’s tutorial, link in this post :+1:t4: