Organizing Components

I would like to use multiple components. Some of them I will use on every page such as a header/nav bar and footer.

Others would be specific to certain pages such as a side menu or price table.

What is the best way to organize these? To create one page full of components, to make a bunch of pages, each with related components?

i have found that I have trouble remembering which page i created the components on. I am preparing to make a use of components in a big way and I’d like to do it right from the beginning.

I think if you check out @benhanna and his blocks for building sites, you can glean off some of his wisdom and even get some for free.

Here are some posts that I think might help:

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what did you end up doing?

I am exactly looking for what @bhsiao was about.

How can I create libraries like that?
I know I can create my own components but then they just gonna appear inside my element overview.
This might work great with maybe up to 25 components but then you get lost instantly and the preview also might look terrible.

I want to achieve exactly like this (I timestamped the video link) :

Here a screenshot of it:

This is the way I want to create my own collection to get a better workflow with Pinegrow.
So I hope there are some tutotials or at least someone who could hint me a bit.

Hi @Draschel,
So I would create a project just for my components. Then it can be loaded into other projects through the “Manage libraries and plugins” under the File menu.

For organization of the components you can add sections with names. Here is a link to the documentation on this. Components | Pinegrow Web Editor Naming sections is covered about 3/4 of the way down the page. I need to put anchor links in!!
Hope this helps.


Thank you @RobM !!
This is exactly what I was looking for.

Having your own library which can imported into any project with just a few clicks is so amazing :heart_eyes: