Materialize framework components

Hi, how is it possible to bring components when using materialize framework? Now it is only “List” not the components part like when using bootstrap 4. Should I maybe activate the bootstrap 4 framework to get the components?

Hi @grimur,
I don’t think this has been implemented for the materialize framework. Basically the components are added in the Bootstrap 4 framework in a similar manner as I showed with the Froala Blocks tutorial from the last video, but programmatically, behind the scenes.
I’m working feverishly on the next set of tutorials, but I’ll see if I can find time to put together a page with all of the materialize elements that can be added to your Library panel.

Thanks Rob I really liked the tutorial on the Froala. I have been testing it out and it looks good. But it would be great if Pinegrow would make it easier to add ready made blocks manually that they would work the same way as the bootstrap 4 components part. But this is a good start :slight_smile: