Cyber Monday Sale and Getting updates out faster with the upcoming Pinegrow Live


What comes after the #Thanksgiving sale and the #BlackFriday sale?
It’s our #CyberMonday sale with -35% on all editions, renewals and add-ons!

Yes, November brings in more sales than any other month and thus significantly contributes to making Pinegrow a long term, sustainable venture.

We all benefit from this. You, our user, receive better software and we, the team, can keep working on what we love.

We have some news connected to this.

Getting updates out faster with Pinegrow Live

We often get into the situation where we quickly fix reported bugs, but are unable to quickly push the improvements out without going through the whole release cycle. Doing a release is a whole day’s of work and it requires that users download and reinstall the app.

To solve this we will introduce a special install setup called Pinegrow Live, that will consist of two parts:

  • Downloadable Pinegrow barebones app that you will install on your device.
  • The rest of the Pinegrow application code will be loaded from our server.

This will let us quickly release fixes and new features. All you will have to do is reload the app. The only drawback is that this will not work offline.

Pinegrow Live will not replace normal Pinegrow releases. It will just be a way for our power users to be more up-to-date with Pinegrow development.

We hope to release Pinegrow Live very soon, with the aim to allow us to work even closer with our community on making Pinegrow even better.

Have a good day!
Matjaz & the Team


I hope that you will make sure that Pinegrow Live is either linked to the same account, because some people’s licences (like mine) will end in January, and if Pinegrow Live kicks in I hope that it remains as easy going to keep going.
I always appreciated that, that the app didn’t stop working. And happier even when you could update for a whole new year again. I hope that spirit doesn’t go away with Pinegrow Live

@BonoBoos I’m not sure I understand everything, but the license system will remain unchanged and the validity period of the licenses will remain the same as when you bought them.

Sometimes, exceptionally, we increase temporarily this duration when we are not fully satisfied with an update, the time to put things in order with the next update, but it is not a general rule :slight_smile:

You did understand everything :slight_smile:
Simply put I hope the online version works well and all, but I’m attached to the desktop so if there are any differences in maintaining versions, it would beat the purpose.

It would be good if you could run your desktop version AND the online version side by side/ interoperably together under the same licensing (as one install) if some annoying bug (to some) was created in a release, so that the online version could be used until either your hot patch system addressed the issue, or a remedial, updated installer is released.

And Im guessing @BonoBoos 's question then is, if ones licensing has lapsed, but you STILL have your Good to Go older version installed…can you still use the online version and I guess, if so,

Which version would you get?
YOUR one… or a newer one?

and I have no idea why this forum post has a problem with the spelling of

… maybe its the “/” before it

@BonoBoos @schpengle Hold on guys, the announcement is not about Pinegrow online (a service that is totally different from desktop licenses and that will possibly be commercialized separately in the future) but about a special install setup called Pinegrow Live of which I give you some details in my initial message.

Ah ok, Yes I got the distinction earlier, but was reading @BonoBoos 's comments too and wondering how it would work, anticipating his query. So I wont ask any more about it, till more info is released, I’ll just shut up and let the Cyber Monday Sale Headline carry on :slight_smile:
(Congrats on yet another avenue though too.)

I am going to keep the last desktop version of PineGrow and try to use it side by side with the new web based one.

@Emmanuel Hi Emmanuel

Maybe it’s a good idea to call it “Pingrow Live Updates” (to stop the confusion about the name) instead of “Pinegrow Live” or just “PG Live Updates”.



The first release of Pinegrow Live is now available for download:

Let’s give the name Pinegrow Live some time…

Please take it for a spin and report any issues.

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Hi @matjaz

All looking fine except for the flashes when you try to open a page in the Chrome browser from within Pinegrow Live.

Tried the live version with setting up a Bootsrap 5 project and noticed that it still contains a previous version of Bootstrap 5. You would expect in the live version to have all stuff up to date!

(Also in the normal version by the way!!! :wink:)

When I save a CSS file the * is not disappearing! Just add some code to a CSS file and save it.



Hi @AllMediaLab,
Can’t comment on the BS5 version, but I don’t see a difference with the browser display in Live versus desktop. Maybe it is system specific?
I also can’t replicate the unsaved file indicator bug. I just opened the index template from the plain BS5 tab. Then I added to the style.css file. Hit the save hotkeys and the star disappeared. Tried also to alter another CSS file - same result. Maybe it is project specific?