Pinegrow terrible maintenance of the app's frameworks


The last 2 years when having the Pinegrow Pro version (have WordPress as well but never use it) we have not received any nameable update or upgrade and I start to wonder why I have to pay every year!

Bootstrap 5 is 2 versions behind and I find it pathetic that I have to ask for a update every time!

Just make it updatable in the app then if you have no time for it!

Yes I need the latest update!

I asked the same question 7 days ago!!!


Hi @AllMediaLab,

That’s why we also offer one time payment licenses. They give you control over what updates / features are worth paying for (for you).

PG works with HTML project. This gives you the freedom to simply update Bootstrap to whatever version you need in your projects:

Using CSS bootstrap

Download files from bootstrap site and replace css & js files in your project.

Using SASS

Similar process, but use SASS source files to overwrite files in the project.

We have that on the to-do for the next release. But, again, thank to the PG open approach there is no need for you to wait. Simply update Bootstrap files in your project as mentioned above and you are ready to go.


We have that on the to-do for the next release. But, again, thank to the PG open approach there is no need for you to wait. Simply update Bootstrap files in your project as mentioned above and you are ready to go.

Your month’s behind with this update! But OK if this is normal in your agenda fine!

So your saying just do it your self?

Maybe you should advertise this on the Pinegrow website!

Of course I know how to update Bootstrap, but I use Pinegrow for fast HTML prototyping and expect that when I have a Bootstrap editor it is up to date!

I create say 10 projects on a day with modules, blocks etc. and need to see the stuff in the latest version of Bootstrap 5 before copying to my Codekit project. Do you see me changing the Bootstrap files all the time? No because that is unworkable with so may projects on a day.

But only the fact that I have to explain this…

I don’t understand, even if I agree, it’s not as easy as when the template with the latest version is immediately available from the Pinegrow interface, in the meantime, and since you really need it, why not do it manually once, and keep the customized project as a master that you can duplicate 10 times a day, each time you create a new site?

Maybe something for the documentation!

Or maybe just update Bootstrap on time?

Seems to me that you just wanna make some noise. First you’re asking for an option to update it manually and then, when an option is provided it is not doable? Sorry for you that you feel uncomfortable and obviously are annoyed of PG, but it’s really not that dramatic as you describe it here and not that amount of work for you to have it up to date, so let’s be fair enough and accept at least the solution, even if you don’t like it… I mean if you’re really doing 10 Projects a day then you work with 50 customers a week, and I’m pretty sure that you would appreciate a more adult tone from your clients too …

@Wolfgang.Hartl Hi,

Seems that you did not read my post and YOU just want to make some noise!

I use Pinegrow for fast HTML prototyping for years so when I make 10 projects on a day they are not for 10 clients, but are separate modules and blocks. (you can read it all in my posts!!).

Never asked for a manual update, I asked for a possibility to update in the app. Updating in the app means that you click a button in the Pinegrow app to update Bootstrap and Bootstrap gets the latest updates installed automatically. Codekit that I use as well has that possibility and can also install all dependencies with 1 click. (officially called a “in app update!”)

I expect a Bootstrap editor to be up to date! This go’s on for years now and this time Bootstrap 5 is 2 versions behind and I get the advice to update Bootstrap my self, because Pinegrow staff don’t seem to have the time to do it.

When it is all so easy, why is it not updated then and do I have to ask this every single time there is an important update?

I find the Pinegrow staff reaction not very adult and client friendly!

And a other important point is that Bootstrap 5.2 is a so called breaking update, implicating that all websites made with older versions of Bootstrap will have problems after updating with the build of the SASS files, because there are small changes in it! (maps has to be added!)


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I can only agree with David’s previous comments, in any case on the substance, maybe less on the form, but I understand his annoyance. The Pinegrow team offers a great tool and have been consistently responsive over the past few years, but there are still a few issues worth mentioning. I have also been a Pinegrow user and customer for almost three years, and I see that in 2022, of course, there have been big new features, but to the detriment of basic updates. What will the customer who pays monthly say when for several months there is no “update”? Version 6.7 was released on July 26 while Bootstrap update 5.2 was released on July 19. Moreover Pinegrow is still not optimized concerning its slowdown problem with the famous “nwjs renderer” file which saturates the processor (overheating on a macbook pro m1, it must be done!). There is also a problem between the “Live” version and its updates which are not always up to date.

You are right to favor the interest of the greatest number of people for Pinegrow, the tool is great, efficient and functional for most users, I am sure that you will find solutions so that the next updates improve the tool and why not, have “frameworks” of the most recent versions.

Good luck and keep it up ! Thanks


Dependency/package management (including version upgrades) is a huge undertaking and a complex topic. This is the very reason why package managers like npm, yarn, pnpm exists & why cdn links always have versions pinned to them & why lock files are so important.

The starter pages/templates within Pinegrow are there to quickly spin-up a new project in the simplest form. For more specific setups, aiming for the latest & greatest, it’s best to do it outside Pinegrow. As a matter of fact, it can be quicker and easier to maintain on the long run.

This can be achieved in different ways, for eg, using package managers, a reusable git template or a bash script. I don’t know much about CodeKit, I had a quick look, and it looks like a very good tool specifically addressing various environment setup challenges, package management, various compilers, config etc. It seems like you have figured out an excellent solution to your workflow challenges and you are actively using it.

Bootstrap follows semantic versioning and when it’s updated from 5.1.x to 5.2.x, the minor version should add functionality in a backward compatible manner. Are you sure about this? Even if this was true, then it is definitely the users responsibility to assess the breaking changes, analyse how it impacts their project, and migrate accordingly.

Adding a button to update bootstrap version in a live project will create more issues than it might possibly solve.

  • the user could have moved/renamed bootstrap.min.js to a different location than the standard one (when added as resources via libraries manager)
  • the user could have multiple versions of it across different folders, may be they are progressively migrating from one version to another
  • the user could be using a mono-repo, and open only one of their workspace package in Pinegrow, in which case we can’t even be sure about the dependency
  • version updates across major versions with breaking changes will break live working projects without any track

All said, this thread could have come out as a feature request with a different title. We could all discuss about our various project scaffolding needs, practices and learn from each other!


@Akayy Hi,

The issue Bootstrap 5.2 I found in Codekit and the reply of the founder of Codekit:

I’ll update CodeKit to support the new version of Bootstrap so that this won’t be an issue for future new Bootstrap projects.

That implicates that people with an old version of Bootstrap 5 have to adjust the import like in the comment.

And because Pinegrow is using the same @imports you face the same problem! maps has to be added to the list.


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