New Beginnings! -Thank you DOSDUDE! (and Pinegrow Team :0) )

Oh yes!
Early 2009, MacBook Pro, V5.2,
Classed as obsolete by Apple - Buy a new one! OS not supported on this Hardware

Thank you DOSDUDE1!

I have, just Installed Mac OS X High Sierra, on a non supported Apple Mac :slight_smile: care of this

The guy is awesome!
check out his vids etc, what he can do repairing hardware etc.
It’s here.

Classy huh?

This one chap has re enabled countless Apple Macs to carry on being updated .

Including mine :slight_smile:

and now,

first Application to install?

oh yes!!

Pinegrow 4.2! Out today!

new OS
New app.

I have one of each. this is enough to be getting on with :smiley: