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Hi friends. I try to create a wordpress theme, style.css file is auto-generated.
It’s good but sometimes I delete and re-create, delete and re-create, so that, I want to change default theme values like author URI, theme name etc.
Can I edit this default values?

Hi @aliveli,
As of this moment, it isn’t possible to save much of the CSS header as default values.

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Predefined default content is not an option but it is indeed possible to customize everything :slight_smile:
Just add your custom content (as comment - I don’t remember the technical reason I’m sorry) into style.css in your project folder and this will do the trick.

It will replace what is automatically generated by PG.

We have a paragraph of documentation on this subject but I can’t find it…
It’s Sunday after all :slight_smile:

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so much thanks…

@RobM @Emmanuel

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