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Tutorials on building a plugin to integrate UIkit into Pinegrow

Hi All,
I’ve published two part of a multipart tutorial on building a plugin for Pinegrow. In this case, I’m bringing the components of the popular UIkit framework into Pinegrow. Hopefully it will help some people out. Feel free to reach out in the comment section or here if you see something bad or just plain wrong. I wouldn’t mind people reaching out if they enjoy it or learn something as well! :slight_smile:


Thanks Rob, great work and it’s a lifesaver. hopefully more people will come to the UIKit fold with your plugin.

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Wow, thanks a lot for your easy to follow tutorial on this rather complex topic! :slightly_smiling_face::+1:
Can’t wait for part three. Please let us know, when it is online.

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Part 3 is up!
Hot as heck here, so I hope I didn’t make too many slip-ups!


Part 4 is up! Last time I had the heat to blame for any slip-ups. This time it is just me exploring the edges of my Pinegrow knowledge. Hopefully, this tutorial will be clearly enough written to help somebody out.

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Part 5 is up. Some helper functions and incorporating the UIkit icons using the built-in pop-over modal in Pinegrow. Any corrections, please let me know.

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Crazy! excellent job man! UIkit looks pretty awesome. Would be great to see PG integrating this framework (with visual helpers) that is becoming more and more popular!!

Hi @RobM, Ive been watching this but not played with it yet. Thanks so much for taking the time to actually create a full on helpful Plugin creation tutorial for everyone else!
This is awesome.

Part 6 is up. In this one we look at conditional display of fields, how to use JS to get and set values, plus how to jazz the look of our option display up a little. Hope it is still readable!! :sweat_smile:


Congrats & Nice job @RobM !
Be prepared, I bet that at the end of the tutorials, a lot of people will ask you for the plugin files :slight_smile:

They might even become somehow available! :wink:



All day and most of yesterday.
…edge of the world wifi on a farm…
Cant get it

You might need to set up SSH if it truly is a problem with slow connection. If you have any virus protection/firewall, or sometimes going through a VPN you will see these problems, as well. If you want help with generating the keys or anything, let me know.

However, having said that, it is probably easier to just download the zip and get to the fun parts! I’ll try to keep an eye on the forum for any other questions.

yes,vpn here and wifi like using damp string!
Ive now downloaded the zip and am tinkering

Due to your difficulties I went back through the tutorials step-by-step. It turns out that Guttenberg is changing some pasted code. For part 1 it removed some returns in the JSON that cause Pinegrow parse it incorrectly. I think I’m going to have to go back to the classic WP editor for awhile. Guttenberg is a little too buggy! Sorry again for all of the troubles.

no super!
so pleased you found it!
and Gutenberg, buggy? who’d.have thought it! :smiley: hee hee hee.

but am I really the only person who has followed along?
People are getting so lazy now :stuck_out_tongue:waiting for the plugin to be released :slight_smile: :heart:

ps, Im still having that error,

with the updated codes, when trying to load the plugin.


The buggy GutenTurd Code is now sorted.
here we go :slight_smile:

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The plugin pleaseeeee!!
Thanks man- great work!

Hey @red-rosefields - I’m not quite done with the whole plugin. I’m putting together the common actions in a new interface. I’ll write a tutorial on that when I’m done. Then (and I know you don’t want to hear it) I will put the plugin up for sale. I’ll still help anyone out that wants to learn to make a plugin and comments/emails/asks in the forum.


+1 for sure …the course is free and …you’re willing to work with people to teach them and …the plugin is quite possibly going to require some maintenance…

…up for sale is the way it should be!

But for me, I’m more interested in following the build quite honestly… it’s one of those “teach a person to fish” things.

The fact that PG can be expanded with customer-made plugins is pretty awesome! Hopefully the ole’ Gute will straighten 'erself out with age.

That is good news. If it is well built and properly maintained over time minding Uikit updates as well as PG ones, paying for it is just a must.
Luckly it won’t be handle like the animator pro plugin developer did/does with his creation.
Thanks again and I am looking forward to get it.