Disappearing content

Hi, I have no idea what’s happening here. I have a single.html page and a list of repeated LI items, and content for the current document. This displays just fine. However in Pinegrow I moved the list items to the right of the main content and on the front end the content disappeared.

Hopefully the two images should explain.

looks like you reordered the markup so that the wider column is going first… maybe there isn’t enough room for it?

if you make each column the same width (say 1fr, 1fr), does this still happen?

Did you move it in the element tree or cut and paste it in the code editor? Not sure but if you cut and paste in the code editor could it have resulted in the loss of some WordPress actions on the element?

Yeah the content isn’t there at all.

I rearranged the tags in the tree. How I fixed it was by adding a Show Posts - Smart action to the container element for the content. (But I really shouldn’t have needed to do that)