Can't add Wordpress site to body

Hello, I’m Ken and I’m new to Pinegrow. Why am I getting this “Please add WordPress site action to the top node of the page in the outline tree (the node with the page name)”. I did follow the tutorials, but, nothing seems to work. Running Mac os x sierra. Any ideas?

Hi @ken. The way Pinegrow operates has changed slightly since it originally introduced the addition of Wordpress. Previously the Wordpress site action was added to the body element but now it is added to the very top element, i.e. index.html (screeshot attached). Hope this helps.

Thanks much @Rob, it sure helped.

What is the difference between adding to the body and top node? Why did they change it?

The video tutorial is still a very good reference to learn Pinegrow WP but it has one flaw regarding this point because it was recorded with a previous version in which the WordPress site action was using the Body element.

We are at version 4.1, the process has changed since version 2.4 (because we thought that it was more logical to add this global action on the top node of the document) and this change is - since then - explained within the app through an alert when you try to add the action on another element:

Note: It is also covered in our documentation here:

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just checking, but there is a perpetually recurring loop in the instruction :slight_smile:

on the page

it says , at the beginning

Read the tutorial first
The best place to start is to go through tutorial * Converting HTML website to WordPress theme*

After you finish reading the tutorial go through the rest of this page for additional information.

wel, that link… is to …that page… so you never get past that paragraph!
as you go back to start the page again, upon clicking that link

is it supposed to go to ANOTHER page, or…is is simply…poop? :slight_smile: and it should just say Carry on reading this fine document here

Fixed. I guess it’s time to move on.(regarding the WordPress site action.)