HTML ignorance, or bug?

Hi All,
I’ve just started using Pinegrow for a project. I am on the upward slope of the learning curve, but many things are starting to come naturally. I’ve encountered a problem where if I put together a page in Bootstrap4 and then went back to add text in some sections. This is causing the blocks to run together on the visual builder, but not when the page is output to the browser. This is what it looks like:

I wanted to put more images, but I’m too new a user.

I’ve closed the project and reopened, quit pinegrow, and hit the refresh at the top of the screen. Any ideas?

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@RobM, pretty! :slight_smile:

you could post the code you have done somewhere, pastebin?
to see what is fubar’d.

or zip the project and stick it somewhere so someone could look at it

My guess is you have just typed/pasted your content in completeley the wrong place, by accident, outside of some sort of container element/div.

or using the tree view, you have a few elements at the same level, when one shoudl be indented within another,
try playing with the

|<-- and -->|

in the tree view pop up menubar.
as I have done the same before :slight_smile:

as explained here

those are the OLDER docs, but lots of good stuff in there.
if you search our NEW docs, you wount get any hits for Indent, so its good to check both



Here is the DOM tree.

Sorry, I was limited in what I could post earlier - here is what the HTML looks like:

Still limited to one image!
Here is what the browser output looks like:

I’m on my lunch hour right now so I don’t have time to put up a pastebin with my CSS, sorry! I will try after work.