Does anybody from Pinegrow answer posts in this forum?

I was just wondering if this forum is strictly a user forum or does somebody from Pinegrow answer posts here? Do I get better support if I write questions directly to the support Email?

Most of the active support is done via Slack. Yes, the pinegrow team do visit and respond to posts in this forum but also yes this is mainly a user support medium. Slack is where it all is being done.

ok thanks for the info!

Where can I get access to slack?

Pinegrow Slack Channel

well, tbh, I notice more activity here now than in Slack. which is odd.
I didn’t really see much point for the Forum when it first started, as HEY! we have slack…
Then `slack’ started deleted all our older posts/data/info.

now, I dont see the point in Slack! as its not very active for real time answers anyway.
if you have real issues, its best to contact Pinegrow team directly

thats after checking out the posts here and the docs, and now, you have access to the slack channel.

just bare in mind that we also have several different sets of docs to check out, with differetn search results!
its best to check them all.

ie, PG version 2-3


PG version 4

and there are several different Youtube channels too.

mmmm, I think I will start to collate these to make life easier.

We read all the messages on the forum as well as all the messages on Slack but both places are community driven and we only provide a “caring presence” as well as the moderation.

The official places to get customer support from the Pinegrow team are: