Does this forum replace or augment it?

Which is the best arena to ask questions in?

I think Slack is good for emergencies and quick questions, and the forum is for elaborated posts and conversations on a specific topic.

Exactly :slight_smile:

  • the forum is not limited in the number of messages (the oldest messages are kept)

Thanks, that was my impression, just wanted to check if Slack was still viable. Unfortunately a lot of good advice has disappeared as it aged out on Slack.


Is there a link to the forum on the main website, I am not sure how I found this forum I think it was from a message in slack. I am sure a lot of pinegrow users would find the forum a valuable resource

@Paul there is a link in the docs section of the website (see screenshot, its beside “Documentation” link)

ahh thanks, I was intially looking for it in the support tab

Available from the Helpdesk section of as well