Downgrade to version 4?

How do I downgrade to version 4 from version 4.1? I saw the update for 4.1 and installed it but when launching it said my 1 year of free updates was over. There is a very strange looking dialog box that comes up now and when I click on the “downgrade to 4” link it takes me to a page where I can only downgrade to a pre version 3 pinegrow.

(yes, it is all chopped off like that)


That’s odd.

well, you could just close your PG app, then rename it pinegrow_4.1 or whatever
then download V4.00 from here

and select version for correct OS.

NOT the version number link at the top, ie, 4.00
As this will take you to the main page to download the current version!

@Emmanuel, the Version numbers should probably NOT be links in this page for downloading previous versions, just titles, OR< take the user to the relevent download/docs page for that version.

it might need editing.

Allow me some words on this - just in case of anyone else will run into this “problem”.

First things first:

It should be known, that any PG license runs for one year. This is pretty fair, cause a developer has to earn a living and to keep up development. So what I did in this case (and it happened to me as well) was, just to purchase a new license. This is just to support a great team and great product. Cause I’m doing myself some turnover with it (even if it is small though). The reason I’m telling this is, I’m coming from an app where an enormous mass of the audience kept up tp ten years old versions. The company developed further, no turnover -> end of business.


Once there is un update (or a beta), KEEP the previous version installed! It’s possible having several versions installed. Try the new one - get used to it - once you’re happy, delete the old.



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As @Thomas says!

Your current 4.00 will run FOREVER for you!
which, if it does exactly what you want and no more, is perfect and is very competitive on pricing compared to just about any other web thing with the same features (good luck finding one that does all of this)

but… you will miss out on updates. -and pretty major ones too.

The Web is a constantly evolving
…thing…and, likewise, Pinegrow is constantly evolving.
TODAY… we just got Pinegrow 4.2!!

which means, if your INTO FOUNDATION (as well as Bootstrap) then WOAH! you get a whole set of extra shiny tools for the new XY GRID…!

and the OVERLAY feature which Graphicy Design types have requested in the past.

4.00 is still fab, but then there was 4.1 … with the new features and now there is 4.2!

SO, if your interested in Foundation?.. then now is a good time to get renew your licence :slight_smile:

if not…well, you might be. or, there is that new draw the website layout in something arty, then aim to reproduce it with Pinegrow via the overlay feature

Also, pretty shiny. and for reproducing website designs you really like.

And I’m not sure if this is still current, but, you can renew your ANNUAL licence at 50% OFF SAVING!!
(NOT the one off, in perpetuity licence)

(And, I’ve just realised that this now links to the DOWNLOAD page for previous versions, that I was looking for, for you yesterday! doh!)

So, have a think about it, see what fits for you.

Good luck either way, but it would be interesting to see what you make of this lot, if you come back and let us know :slight_smile:

I have extended my updates at least once already. I just didn’t see any need for the new upgrades so I didn’t buy the extra year of updates (yet :wink:). Regardless, I was able to download the previous version by figuring out the URL based on some of the other links to the new version so all is good now.

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Ok, now this is getting a little annoying…I downgraded to version 4 (not 4.1, 4.2, etc) which I had a license to. I install it and everything is peachy. It notifies me that there is an updated version but I choose not to install it. But now, whenever I try and save it tells me I can’t because it is in trial mode. I check to make sure my name/code is correct and it is. See the images attached. First the error:

Then I click on Activate and:

Looks like I should be able to use it. But, when I try and save it starts all over again. :frowning:

So now what?

Please, contact the support:

Ah well.sprung for the year of updates so the problem should be over. :slight_smile: