Pinegrow Won't Save

I purchased Pinegrow with a one-time payment. Later, on one occasion I purchased an upgrade, which provided free updates for one year.

After the year expired this past June 11th my Pinegrow stopped working, even though I purchased the one-time payment which says you can use Pinegrow permanently, even after the updates expire.

Now, my Pinegrow won’t save. Even though It acknowledges my product key when entered manually.

“Thank you for activating Pinegrow Web Editor! Your product is PRO Personal.”

My Pinegrow has been down for 10 days now! Support has been unable to help me. I was hoping someone here would have a solution.

Just a quick note to thank support for helping to get my issue solved. It was a tricky and easily overlooked issue but you did not give up until the problem was solved. I am back to being a happy Pinegrow user. Thanks support.