Drag and drop problem solved!

Found why it didn’t work by watching a video.

It’s not just drag and drop but also drop and move to the right to nest one element in to an other.
Maybe a good idea to add this info to the documentation that saves people hours of time.

FYI, this post is kinda meaningless to anyone who doesn’t know what your drag and drop problem was to begin with.


The problem was getting a element on the proper spot in the code of the website.

On the video I discovered that if you want to nest an element in a other element, say you want to drop a row in a Bootstrap 4 container you have to drag the row from the “List Panel” to the container in the right elements tree panel. But that’s not it! By dragging it on the container and pushing it gently to the right in the container it nests indicated by a right arrow. If you don’t do that it arrives in the wrong place of your code.

Contacted the Pinegrow support and they promised to list that info for the documentation. If you don’t know this it can drive you crazy!

Precisely, our answer was “We have noted your feedback.” :wink: