Dropdown Menu for Wordpress Theme

Hi friends. I cant find a way to build a dropdown-menu on wordpress.
Here I added a blank bootstrap 5 template.
I looked up on Google but cant find a way.
Cant anyone help me?
How can we add a drop-down menu on wordpress?

here is my template

Hi aliveli, You can use any dropdown plugins on WordPress that will help you to do your work easily. Here I have found a website mega menu article where you can know how to create a menu that may help you well. Thanks, me later if you find it helpful.

Hey @aliveli! WordPress menus are the bane of my existence, and there is a good reason why so many themes and plugins focus heavily on the styling and behavior of menus – it’s a pain to do it yourself! While Pinegrow makes single-level menus relatively simple, it doesn’t give us any helpers for dropdowns.

If you don’t want to use a WordPress menu plugin you’ll have to code the menu and its behavior yourself. The biggest thing to remember is that WordPress returns the Nav menu as an unstyled unordered list, so you’ll need to take care of the styling and dropdown behavior yourself. Look into the WordPress function reference for wp_nav_menu for more information (this forum only lets me post two links in a reply, otherwise I’d link to it myself).

If you are using bootstrap, it already comes with the code needed to create the dropdowns and Pinegrow does most of the work for you. While there are some ways to create dropdown menus with pure CSS, they aren’t very accessible. Most people use a little javascript to handle the hover dropdown actions.

I personally like alpine.js because it’s lightweight, flexible, and easy to use. Here is a great tutorial on how to use Alpine.js to create an accessible menu. The tutorial also uses Craft CMS and Tailwind in the example, but you can easily translate that to WordPress and whatever framework you are using.

If you want a Pinegrow native solution, you may be able to create the actions for your nav menu using the Pinegrow Interactions module since it uses Greensock. I haven’t tried this personally or done much research on the topic, but I found a video that might give you what you need.

I hope this helps.


Follow-up: As of Pinegrow 7 and the Pinegrow WordPress plugin, drop-down menus are now natively supported.


Not a lot of tutorials out there about WordPress Menus in Pinegrow. I’m currently trying to study up on this subject myself. I found this older one. Does anyone know of any newer ones? Maybe this will help others:

I’m pretty sure I made this with the WP plug-in beta, but that feature has since been included in Pinegrow 7.

Creating and Styling WordPress Menus in Pinegrow: An Overview

And this one starting at 2:57