Creating menu from scratch

Hello, I am working with Pinegrow few months, but still I am true beginner. I found many tutorials and courses how to do many things, but my really pain is Wordpress menu.
Especially when client wants someting more specific than simple Level 1 menu.

I could not find any video or tutorial, how to create menu STEP BY STEP from scratch.
Many clients want menu, that is actually hidden behind some button and opened after clicking button/icon.

Is there some tutorial, that shows how to create this kind of menu with custom icon and other functions?

I am also looking for some good solution, how to create multi level menus. I found one tutorial, Adding multiple levels of submenus to a Bootstrap 4 navigation bar in your WordPress theme | Pinegrow Web Editor but it actually did not worked for me.

Have you seen this one? : Dropdown Menu for Wordpress Theme - #6 by adamslowe


Also, for more complex needs and/or if you don’t want/know-how to code a custom menu, you have the opportunity to use a menu plugin.

Hello, thank you. Actually this videos I have seen. I am able to create standard Wordpress menu or Wordpress menu with one dropdown level.

I am looking for 2 solutions:

  1. Multiple dropdown levels

Item 1

  • Subitem 1
  • Subitem 2
    • SubSubItem 1
    • SubSubItem 2
  • Subitem 3
    Item 2
    Item 3
  1. Second solution is modern hidden menu, what looks like as standard burger menu on all screens include computer (like or and after clicking it revelas menu for whole or part of screen.

Do you use a framework for your templates?

This one you will have to build it with HTML and Interactions.
I don’t think about a specific tutorial on the documentation website but basically, this is a container with a menu inside and you define the design through CSS and how it hide/appears through Interactions properties.

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  1. Yes, I am using Bootstrap

  2. OK, I understand, I need to get in more into Interactions module.

Thank you very much

So indeed, Bootstrap navbar is not ready for this and our documented method remains a tweak intended to fill a lack of functionality that was purposefully removed from the Bootstrap framework since version 3 or 4.

Note: we have never tested the tweak with Bootstrap 5.