Easily position and center HTML elements with Flexbox

Here is a quick interactive example on how to use Flex to position HTML elements:

Here is a quick video:

It also includes AI Assistant and Flexbox jokes:


Good to see a nice simple, Back to Basics Layout tutorial agian as things seem to have got rather complex in the WP, ACF…Vue…TailwindUI etc etc… Camp.

but, have you noticed the missing inital paragraph on the link?
I read it and it made no sense… until I RAN it and it fired up in PG online and there was the missing paragraph! so suddenly the 2nd paragraph made sense.

I guess the cut and paste faeries were on the sauce the night before

I dont understand this…

Ah! there it is. the Missing paragraph.

I hope to play around with this tonight and also get back into some photo editing.
Might make for a nice combo.

Keep up the awesome work :slight_smile:


Good catch @schpengle, thanks! :slight_smile: