HELP ME! FLEX center

Tell me how to align the blocks to the right and that the content is left centered

If you select >> justify start when resizing, the blank space on the right

How does it look in Browser ?

browser? also. I’m trying to make a grid like as on this site div item game.

Simple question really. How does it look in browser which is a live environment rather than the built in Pinegrow broswer?

also) sorry, using translator

how to achieve this effect in pinegrow?

you will have difficulty doing this with Flex as Flex moves things in ONE DImension - that is… it only orders things in ONE LONG ROW - it has no idea, what comes next.

you could try flex box froggy, to give you some idea of how to position things in Flex box :slight_smile:

and @itsmeleo has created a video where he provides all the solutions (including the last one -which was the only one I couldn’t figure out mysefl)

and it might be better to post this in JUST one area, @artimm as there are now two seperate threads for this.

maybe try using css grid, instead of flexbox
as flexbox is really good at doing things in ONE PLANE - that is on one continues row.

it has NO AWARENESS of what comes next!
on the next row.

CSS Grid, knows the the whole page layout as it dictates the layout.

here is a free course on css grid

and this woman’s work is pretty good.
she speaks quite slow (sometimes) so translation could be easier for you.

this explains using css grid to get white space

this is how to get css grid layout to be arty. and how to fall back for older browsers

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just use flex-grow: 1 on child

…or, what he said! yes him, @itsmeleo

he’s clever!

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I would be grateful if you show an example

For a predictable outcome, you could try to use Bootstrap’s columns which is well implemented in pinegrow. Furthermore, have you tried to open in Pinegrow using the “open url” feature? You could study it’s structure that way.

I need a fixed size irem. “open url” - this is the first thing I tried

ok, @artimm, I dont know how to help you with this, I shall wait and see what others say.
Good luck.

I found a couple of ways, but I do not want to use a grid