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Hi. I have been hand coding my websites up to now, and am having a little trouble adjusting to using Pinegrow for some things (…plus, I’m also now using features I previously was not using, not aware of, or outright avoiding!). So, I’m currently battling both learning all aspects of the interface as well as the CSS/Bootstrap features themselves.

So, one thing that seems to often slam me to a screeching halt, is certain aspects of positioning.

An example… I have a 2 column setup (using a container, holding a row, holding two columns, each wtih an image). The first image is (say) 400x400, and the second is 200x100.

I can set all that up, and the result is two columns, with the second column’s image sitting at the top of the space (as if aligned to the top).

I have been trying to get that 200x100 image to position into the center of the space, but seemingly EVERYTHING I have tried has no result. Admittingly, I’ve always struggled with positioning/alignment… where it seems the results are almost random, sometimes working, other times having no effect).

I have tried a number of things in the visual editor… the ‘vertical alignment’ attribute, the Position attibutes, etc… for the image element itself, for the column that contains it, etc. I just can’t seem to figure out what is the correct element to apply the change to, nor what method I should be using.

I thought, perhaps, that the containing partent was automatically sized to the dimensions of the image, so that (as a result) the image had nowhere to actually move… so, I gave the containing parent a specific (large) height, giving the image space to move around… but still, no attribute adjustment seemed to cause the image to move from it’s top-aligned position.

So, I’m a bit stumped… Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Again, my setup was:

Div (…I tried it without the containing Divs as well)
Image1 (400x400)
Image2 (200x100)

(…Ya, I closed all the tags and stuff. This is just a simplified outline of the tree)

And, again, I’m wondering how to position the second (smaller) image within the containing column (ex. vertically center it).

The only way I eventually managed to get it to actually move, was to apply a top padding… but I wasn’t sure if this was the proper way to do it (…I wasn’t sure if setting a fixed, pixel based distance down would be an issue when it, and the larger image beside it got scaled down for smaller screens… although, I suppose I could customize the top move amount for each break point?)

You can use FlexBox

display: flex;
align-items: center;

Otherwise use another alternative as you see fit:

Google is a developers friend, very rarely are you the first having the issue, search, then search some more!

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Ya, Flexbox is really nice. I was playing around with that, and studying up on it. I was just concerned about browser support. Seems well supported, but not by everything. I guess I could just shrug off the IE users (and whatever the other browser with iffy support is).

I was trying to do it with something that’s been around longer, as it’s not really a complex thing… but I just can’t seem to get it to work. I often struggled wtih positioning… especially vertically.

Again, I must be doing something wrong, as nothing seems to be moving the element, regardless of what I try (except for top padding).

Just read one of the articles in your link… Looks like it is an issue afterall (fixed by either applying a hack, or just using Flex). Okay, well it seems people are cool with the current level of support (ignoring the IE thing).

I’m by no means a high-end user, and my site is hardly a high traffic, global high-end thing, so I’m sure I can live with some incompatibility.

Thanks for that.

Well, if you look through the second link I posted above you will find other alternatives if you desire to not use Flexbox. Again it will require you to research, study, compare and learn.

Here it is again.

But as stated previously …

A Google Search will yield all sorts of useful information if you actually take the time to search. :roll_eyes:



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And here you go @ladlon, with regards “flexbox”, as recommended by @Pinegrow_User,

@itsmeleo just released a talk/workshop on YouTube today,

which I think you have to subscribe to, in order to see (he does a live chatroom show, each Saturday, 5pm GMT)
based on FlexBox Froggy

If you’ve not seen that, its quite fun.