Saving in VS code with Pinegrow plugin connected does nothing


When I open a project in VS code and Pinegrow on Mac latest OS and edit some HTML code and save, nothing is changed in Pinegrow despite the fact that the Pinegrow plugin at the bottom of the VS code editor says: “Connected to Pinegrow” in the beginning and then disappears.

“reload project” in Pinegrow also doesn’t show the edited HTML , but the original file.



Hi David,
Can you please specify which version of macOS?

Hi @Emmanuel

The latest Big Sur 11.6

  <button id="go-top" class="scroll-top btn-hover">
      <i class="lni lni-chevron-up"></i>

Let me be more specific:
When I remove this whole block it works, but when I only remove a part for example the closing </button> it doesn’t take that away in Pinegrow and I still see the whole code block including the closing </button> despite save reload etc. etc.

I noticed this, because In Sublime text the W3v HTML validation stopped working and I tried to use Pinegrow to validate the HTML . So I set up VS code with the plugin and noticed this strange behaviour!

Or is this a wrong setting?

Hi @Emmanuel

Still waiting for your reply! Can you reproduce the error?



Please try to stay relaxed David.

Syntax errors created from within the external editor are reported by Pinegrow (for example, when you delete a mandatory closing tag) and are not actually reflected live in Pinegrow (as they are when the action is “valid”).

By the way, an informative message appears at this time if you are careful.

@AllMediaLab , do you have this settings (Don’t show informational quick messages) turned off in your settings?

In this article, I partly explain the reason for this kind of situation: Unlike many visual editors, Pinegrow can open and edit ANY HTML document, including those it did not generate, but for this, Pinegrow’s parser prefers the right valid code.

When this is not the case, unusual situations can occur :slight_smile:


Don’t understand why you say that! First you ask me in 5 minutes after I post what OS I have and then there is total silence for two and a half day’s! I’m very relaxed, but want to know why errors produced in VS code don’t reflect in Pinegrow. Is that so not relaxed?

In between, there is a week-end :slight_smile:
That said, are our answers in line with your question?

The problem is that even when a error is made and it does reflect in Pinegrow (I found shutting off MAMP in the chain helps) the HTML validator doesn’t in notice the error in Pinegrow.

Here the <button> closing tag is missing and even not after save or refresh it is noticed by Pinegrow:

Yes, Pinegrow offers a basic error validation module (Page > Check for HTML errors….), but sometimes, it turns out that it can be insufficient, so our advices for valid HTML.


Would it not be an idea to implement the W3V validation api in Pinegrow so we are able to validate without being forced to be online with a website. They offer excellent validation and a api for implementation in Pinegrow.

The difficulty here is not to integrate an API but to reconcile Pinegrow’s constraints (to allow the opening of all HTML documents), the flexibility of browsers when there are errors in the code, and the comfort of the user who - in the majority of cases of use of code coming from third parties - would be drowned under validation error messages.

We try to do our best through compromises that may be perfect for some, insufficient for others.