I hand edit code, save my page, Pinegrow moves elements around, will not undo : unacceptable

I’ve been hand writing web pages, 3d technical software and more… for 20 years.
I decided to try Pinegrow as it looks like it would be a nice to have tool in my arsenal from a design perspective. - I like the overall idea of Pinegrow.

  • Syntax Errors that do not exist are hyper aggravating :
    they become UX annoyances as I have to CTRL+S to start save process which then forces me to click a button in one frame then another button in another frame.
    I DON’T CARE IF I HAVE ERRORS! I KNOW WHAT I AM DOING and can fix issues later.
    (ALSO: I tested my code in other editors and there’s no errors. Pinegrow says there’s errors but it can’t even find the errors it claims exist because NONE EXIST !
    AKA: if Pinegrow thinks there is an error, then show me what you think is an error so I can work around that nonsense.)

  • Next we have: some form of insanely broken refactoring that should NOT be happening.

  • I added code to a page, I saved the page, Pinegrow moved the code down three divs !!!??
    ** THEN: If I save the page, I can’t undo anything ?! **

I don’t care if anyone responds.
Note: This app is probably great if you’re a basic designer type or user. Please don’t take this as a reason to avoid Pinegrow if you’re not a codemonkey per se.

Hi @eb7898

First of all, thanks for your feedback. Well, we would have loved it if you could have appreciated Pinegrow at first sight, but that’s life :slight_smile:
Thousands of super power users find value in using Pinegrow, however, we can easily imagine that we do not find support (immediate or otherwise) from people whose workflow is well established and who are just scouting around to see if other tools might work for them.

For issues of errors in the code, I invite you to read the following document: How to use valid W3C documents to maximize your experience with Pinegrow | Pinegrow Web Editor

Here is a sample:

Yes, you can decide that your HTML code may contain syntax or structure errors.

:black_small_square: Unclosed elements: If an element is not closed properly, then its effect can spread to areas you didn’t intend

:black_small_square: Badly nested elements: Nesting elements properly is also very important for code behaving correctly.

:black_small_square: Unclosed attributes: Another common source of HTML problems.

But not only can these errors be very challenging to identify, but they will also penalize your site’s general quality (SEO among others) and, above all, will severely compromise the proper functioning of Pinegrow and that’s why Pinegrow is very picky about this :slight_smile:

Indeed, most standard browsers such as Chrome, Internet Explorer or Firefox will accept a problematic HTML document and try to display it as well as possible. In that case, the advanced functionalities of Pinegrow, which rely on the use of a valid document structure, will be largely disrupted if it encounters an anomaly in the code and it may cause severe malfunctions or even a crash of the application in the most acute cases.

Although we anticipate such problems by regularly improving our parsing module, Pinegrow is much more than a standard browser. Its sensitivity to syntax or structure problems can cause significant malfunctioning.

As for the automatic formatting of documents, it can of course be disabled in the application settings.

Best regards.

Maybe you should try reading my post instead of posting blanket responses meant for novices.

@eb7898 I understand your frustration. Do you have examples of the code it is complaining about and the broken refactoring you mentioned that you can share with the Pinegrow support/development team and with us?

From my understanding, Pinegrow needs to be able to fully read and interpret the code so it can keep the visual builder in sync. It does a pretty admirable job, but I’m sure it’s not infallible, and there is always room for improvement. It might be worth opening a feature request for something that will show you the errors, as you suggested in your first bullet.

To your third bullet, it looks like they are using some sort of opinionated code formatted such as Prettier. Again, it might be worth a feature request to see whether it’s something that could be optionally enabled or disabled.

There may be options available as long as we can keep the conversation civil and productive. In fact, I think the two feature requests I just mentioned may add value for lots of users as long as they are feasible within the scope of the product.


Indeed, this is THE prerequisite to give me the desire to answer questions and other queries.


maybe you should post the code with the undefined errors and the corresponding PineGrow error reporting so that any faults could be reproduced/deduced, or forward the project to support@pinegrow.com
for them to check it out and see where these unnecessary errors arise and ask them to assist.


Don’t worry fellas. I’m not going to spend any more time using Pinegrow.
I appreciate your time on replies but the basic gaslighting and the assumptions are just giggletown.

If Pinegrow were grow into a polished professional toolset; I’d pay $500 or more for a license.
It has a good start.

Enjoy your week and don’t be so fragile.

Did you notice the headline at the top of this page?

This is the first time eb7898 has posted — let’s welcome them to our community!

Well, now, I’m more than happy to Welcome you to the Exit door.
Enjoy trolling and flaming somewhere else, as I should think any modicum of interest in supporting you from the community has gone out of the window.

Good luck with your next App exploration and I hope you find what your looking for and learn to understand the basic concept of of gaslighting,…

…Somewhere else.

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To be 100% transparent about the code editor integrated in Pinegrow, although it is directly integrated into the application and despite its recent evolutions, I do not use it myself.

Because of its openness, Pinegrow allows me to choose and I prefer to use Visual Studio Code directly that I position either as on the screenshot below, or, on an external screen when I have the opportunity. (this has not happened for over a year).

Note: I use of course the dedicated extension: Pinegrow Live Sync - Visual Studio Marketplace


Ya, the built-in code editor is too basic but since it syncs with VS all is good.