Wordpress plugin theme export "Unknown error"

Hey guys,

So I am having an error while trying to export my first theme in the pg WP plugin.
This is the log:

Then this appears:

Export Failed. Unknown error.

Any clue?


PS: I updated the plugin to 1.0.1 this morning.

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Ok so, I understood what was going on.

I am using Local by flywheel, and I had to run the app as an administrator in order for pinegrow to be able to export the theme.

Now it is working perfectly fine.



Running Flywheel as Admin certainly allowed to export to complete, BUT when I went to activate the plugin there was no sign of it.
Local site configured with PHP 8.i9, Nginx and MSSql 5.X

If I return to the project and attempt to export again I then get an error and this log is the result

Export starter…
getCurrentUser and settings.
Got project post with ID 16
Deleted the project error log.
Require the file system…
Getting the FS instance…
Checking if this is a PG project…
working_dir = C:\Windows\TEMP/export-03LzazlVJb
Here is the list of exported files:
— inc/wp_pg_helpers.php
— cool_blocks.php
— inc/custom.php

Plugin file will be cool-blocks.php
Files written.
Requesting class-wp-upgrader.php
backup_dir = C:\Users\Public\Documents\LocalSites\PGPlugin\app\public/wp-content/plugins/cool-blocks__pg_backup
Getting Upgrader instance…
ERROR - Upgrader failed with incompatible_archive_empty

If I then look at the directory structure of the local site there is, within the plugins directory a folder called Cool Blocks containing a single solitary file 8 bits in lenght called.exported_by_pinegrow which when opened contains the word pinegrow and nothing else.

Yeahp, exact same error happened to me.

Did you get over it or are you currently stuck at that point?

So Rebuilt the whole local site one more time, same basic settings (php8.19, nginx and msSql 5.7.8). Made sure that I’m running Local as admin and go through the tutorial again. Cool Blocks exports but it contains , as before the one single solitary file of 8 bits containing the word pinegrow.

Logically this must be some sort of incompatibility issue.

It transpires that there is a new version of Local available (6.6) so I have installed that. Fired up Local as an admin and created a new site (this time php 8.02, apache and msSql 5.7.8). Run through the tutorial again. Cool Blocks is exported but contains that one single solitary file.

Is it just possible that this is because Local when running locally in Localhost is not Https?

@Emmanuel , @matjaz Finally some progress, but I don’t know why. On the WordPress menu there is an option to download the plugin zip file. If I do that I get a zip file that actually has files in it and more importantly one which I can then upload as a plugin to the site and activate as one would any other plugin.

And then we fail to export on stage 5 of the tutorial. I’ll try the download plugin route again.

1.0.2 (out now) fixes the issue with exporting projects on Windows-based sites. Please update and report back.

Hello Matjaz.

Yes, version 1.0.2 did fix this issue. Thanks a lot!