Elementary question about Theme Folder in PG for WP

Hi! It is unclear to me, which folder the “Theme Folder” should be, which needs to be set up under “Wordpress Site” in Pinegrow. Reason why:

In the documentation you (the Pinegrow people) say required is a “local WordPress installation. The easiest way is to use a packaged solution like Flywheel or MAMP” (tutorial page for Freelancer). I get that, and I’ve got that. I’ve got MAMP installed. However …

In the video at [2:57] (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N76R3ZLU-hw&t=177s), for the theme folder, you do not choose a folder for the new theme Olaf inside e.g. MAMP, but on your desktop! When I tried a folder similarly outside MAMP, I got an error (Error: exporting too many files). I’d perfectly understand if the folder should be inside a WP instance on a test server such as MAMP. But in your example, it’s not, it’s on your desktop, and I don’t get that. Could you or someone pls. clarify that, please?

Which folder exactly (anywhere? same as the html? not the same? inside server? outside server?) should the theme folder be?

Then, related: What’s the significance of the “Preview Page URL” (next field)? If the theme folder were inside a test server (such as MAMP), why is an extra URL needed, such as http://olaf:8888? - I’ve worked with Acquia Desktop (Drupal) before and understood such things there to be for external users, like to provide links to clients to view the draft stage product. - But here, I haven’t understood yet how this works. - If the theme folder can be outside of MAMP (desktop in the example by Matjaz), does the URL (olaf… see above) mean that Pinegrow has its own server inside?

Please someone help me understand what to do and why!

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Thanks so much for your reply. There’s still some basic incongruities. And your answer doesn’t go to the point “server” or “local”, where the latter would practically mean that a Wordpress instance (containing themes, as you mention) could be placed anywhere, and the Pinegrow “Themes folder” would then be directed to that.

In the picture you provide, the difference still isn’t quite clear. In the video “Setting up the Theme – Part 2 of 9” (https://pinegrow.com/docs/wordpress/courses-tutorials/create-a-personal-portfolio-wordpress-theme-tutorial/) the location is given as a place on the DESKTOP (I hope, as a beginner, I can upload/insert that one pic here):

There the example illustrates that the “Theme folder” there is on the desktop, so not inside an installation inside a production server (as I would normally assume)!

Thats where my failure to understand comes from (and maybe that of several other people, as you highlighted in your reply in red).

As regards the localhost comment: Yes, what you displayed here in the picture you provided corresponds roughly with the addresses I see, when I call localhost usually, just usually the other way around = what I see is 8888 first (or localhost) and then the name of theme, not the other way around. (The only other place where I saw it like you provided in the video before was in Acquia Desktop for Drupal, where the application contains its own server - hence the confusion!).

Well, it’s pretty simple:

  • You create a theme from html documents
  • You export the theme
  • You debug/verify/check your theme from a local WordPress setup.

However, there is absolutely NO OBLIGATION to export from PG to the local WordPress setup theme folder as long as your export folder is dedicated to the export (ie: not your project folder).
Actually, you will just lose interest in being able to test your theme immediately.

It is possible that in the tutorial, the author has exported to the desktop, because this is absolutely not prohibited or problematic, what matters is that at the end of the day in your process, you can test your theme during the development phase.

Thanks very much for the clarification. I get the Theme Folder now.

I still think, though, that the author of the tutorial “Create a Personal Portfolio WordPress Theme” making StartBootstrap’s Freelancer into Olaf Pineson could have been a bit clearer about that step, as usually (I’ve taken lots of tutorials, at Udemy, Lynda etc.) every step gets a bit more than just a mention with one example of a path on the desktop:

For example, an example of how the path would look like on widely used production servers like MAMP or XAMPP would have been good, PLUS another example of how it would look on Local by Flywheel (according to the PG docs, their favorite), where the path looks very different. PLUS, maybe another example to “some other place” (outside of these servers’ directories, their htdocs or public/apps/…) where the servers can be directed to and the WP installation be placed … such as on a destop (as in the example of the tutorial).

But alright, I’m in the clear now about that. So thanks a lot. … Unfortunately, I’m still not making any headway otherwise … because of a “Exporting too many files error”, but I’ll look for that in the forum first, and if there’s no previous solution, I’ll open another thread for that. Thx, C.