Wordpress Pinegrow plugin and WordPress multisite > Theme Export

For some reason, I can’t get the wp plugin to export to my theme folder when I use the plugin in a hosted multisite environment. I can get it to work in my local environment. Does it not work on Multisite?



I just tested it on a local multisite, and it worked. It put the theme in the main multisite network area. But it still, does not work on the server. Could it be a permission problem? What should the permissions be for Pinegrow to access the theme folder? I am using this in my class each student has designed their own portfolio theme, but really need this to work other wise I will be making all of them.

Hello @smgitner ,

Please have a look at Troubleshooting | Pinegrow Web Editor
Indeed - due to some technical constraints - multisite mode is not supported at the moment.