End of Slack -GLIP?

I’ve been exploring and using this for some time now.

It may well be a good alternative.
Even though Id never even heard of it.


very well made.

I have GLIP and have used it for a long time but stopped because their email notifications broke and they refused to fix it for over 8 months. I’d never go back b/c of their lack of support.

oh ok. I Can’t speak for your experience, but I get email notifications of messages, the same as with this forum. so thats a 50/50 mix.
Anyone else using it?
I found it is great for creating groups for different things. Ie, I have a 3D Printer group in there and I have a couple of friends there who do that sort of thing.

in fact…

gah! I was looking how to create a link to my channel or something for Webdesign, just so you guys could look around and check it out… mmmm in fact…I will tinker later, add some people and you can play around with it.