3.1 Pro closing a file without saving changes does not work

I just installed 3.1 Pro and the option to close the current file without saving changes does not work. There is no way to actually close the file without saving it first and I do not want to save any of the changes I made to the file.

The only way to abandon the changes is to quit Pinegrow entirely.

Hi @Terry44, just wanted you to be aware, this is also already being actively discussed on the Slack channel as well, so they are aware of possible issues.

EDIT: I just realized you are one of those on Slack discussing it, I had not noticed your name there before. :wink:

Yes. It is confusing to me which place to report things.

After further investigation on my part it seems to only occur when javascript in a file has syntax errors, partially deleted or similar that prevents it from working correctly. Pinegrow becomes effected directly in these cases from what I can tell. Should NOT happen but is something I discovered this morning after installing 3.1… It may also impact previous versions I did not test it in those. I was doing something specific in a large HTML file that had JS and other stuff and ran into this rather quickly.

Sounds like you may have narrowed or pinned it down, so hopefully they can address it quickly.

Yeah, it seems like Slack gets far more attention than here, but sure that platform allows for more realtime awareness though, via push notifications, etc. However, I am typically accustomed to user Forums being more active and involved. I continue to wish this place would pick up activity and users.

I notice on the main for Pinegrow .com page there is no mention of a User Forum. Even under the “Support” link only Slack is listed (as a super-friendly community). You have to click on the Docs link to then get a link to the Forum. I am sure this absence on the main page plays some role in the general inactivity here at the Forum as well and perhaps the lack of users.

Maybe things will pick up here with Version 3 official release?

Whether it is on the forum, on slack or or elsewhere (support email), we (Pinegrow Team) read you :slight_smile:
Always !

As for the links to the community forum and the slack community, they are visible on the Pinegrow doc site footer: http://docs.pinegrow.com/


The support email is the only “corporate” place if you seek help about specific Pinegrow features, billing and/or licensing issues.

I trust all requests are in the que. :wink:

Perhaps its just me, but to me a link to the Forum should be in the main pages menu as well. Potential customers are generally inclined to seek out and determine what support channels and documentation are available when deciding on purchasing an app they are unfamiliar with.

Like it appears on the Documentation page, also I strongly feel the same “core” menu items should carry across the site, for a congruency standpoint. Again perhaps just me.

Likewise I would list the Forum somehow, maybe ( “Take part in our Community Forum” ) in the below area on the main page.


Perhaps just me though. Carry on. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback.

One thing to keep in mind is that both the forum and the slack channel are “community” driven and while it’s a cool way for us to read/answer/communicate with the Pinegrow community of users, most of our visible activity is about organizing the topics to create something clear and useful & processing the moderation.