Theme Converter Getting Going Issues

As an avid user of Pinegrow Pro since its very early days, I’m ashamed to admit I’m falling at the first hurdle with Pinegrow Them Converter.

So, watching Pinegrow video, you export the theme from your code writing software. I’m usually atom but I’m testing VS Code and I’m ashamed to report I like a Microsoft product but it’s true…Then you open that folder as a project in Pinegrow theme converter. Simples, right? Nope. I’m just making a publicly visible one page site as, the site isn’t for public consumption. So theres the index.html, style.css and a media folder. But from the first step pinegrow is telling me there isn’t an index file, when there is.
So I try to define master page and it won’t allow me on the top node of the document tree as that is some Pinegrow created javascript, nor will it allow me on anything else in the tree.
So I duplicate index.html and add a php extension, still no joy.

I keep getting an error:

The theme doesn’t have the index page . Each WordPress theme needs the index.php template.

The theme doesn’t have a Master page . Master page defines the basic layout of your theme and is used to export header.php and footer.php. Index.html is usually the theme’s master page. Select the master page in Theme Settings.


The following problems were encountered during the export:

  • Page index.html could not be exported.TypeError: Cannot read property ‘find’ of null

Those parts of the theme that were not affected by these problems were exported.

Any Thoughts?