External Link not working on icon

Hi all,

I am new to Pinegrow and am using the Pinegrow Theme Converter to convert my Webflow page to wordpress. I am still experimenting with all the functions and currently have issues with adding links to my social media icons in my footer.

Basically, in Webflow, I used font awesome icons in my footer for gmail, fb, instagram and linkedin. These are showing up correctly in pinegrow, however, when I add ‘customizer fields’ to a single icon and then choose under edit ‘link’, it does show up for me in wordpress to customize/add the link but once I publish my site, the link just doesn’t work. I don’t think I am doing anything wrong with the way of adding a customizer field, bc that way works for me with normal text. But the link does not work if it’s placed on the icon. Any ideas why?

I also inspected this in chrome, and weirdly enough, I can see that the link is there under href. But again, if I click on the icon, nothing happens.

Would appreciate any help!