Need help in converting Webflow website to WP with Pinegrow converter


I just downloaded the free trial of Pinegrow Theme Converter today and am currently trying to convert my first Webflow site to WP with Pinegrow.

I am following this video, however, right in the beginning, even before making my static page dynamic, I came across a problem that isn’t really addressed in the video.

Basically, when opening the new project in Pinegrow, and once exporting the theme, only my homepage shows up. I can’t get the other pages to work. I do see them in the Pinegrow dashboard but they have an ‘x’ next to theme, I suppose that’s telling me that they are not active yet. So, for example for my about page, I went to page setting, defined the ‘export as’ field as ‘page-about.php’ and exported the theme again. I also added a new page to the theme in WP, with the title ‘about’. When I click there on ‘view page’ it actually does show me the correct about page now but when I click from my homepage (index.php) the links in the navbar, the homepage just get reloaded but doesn’t bring me to the actually about page.

How can I fix this?

Also, another weird thing is, that for the other page, meaning all pages besides index.php, the heading 1 in the hero section does not show up and I don’t know why. Everything else looks fine but that heading in the very first section just doesn’t show up.

Would appreciate any help!!

Maybe the following write-up and 14 video tutorial in the Pinegrow Docs are better for you. It’s more recent too. :