How to find a string of code, project wide in any file?

I cannot find the search and replace buttons in PG’s interface. Or of have I turned blind? Command + F doesn’t work. And I need to search project wide. Please show me the light!

Hi @CoenS,
There isn’t really a replace, but you can do a search of your code in two places.
First, in the tree panel, at the very top there is a search box. It allows you to seacrch for elements or text on the page. You can then add the found items to group modify or select them one-by-one

The second is in the code window. If your cursor is in the code and you type CMD+F (on a Mac or I think Linux, CTRL+F on Windows) it will open a code box at the top. You can do a straight text search or use regex.

Your search will bring up the first match. Hitting the find key again will search for the next instance.
However, neither has replace.

Thanks a lot, Rob!
(A bit disappointing though, that PG does not support multiple file searches … perhaps it will be added some day later!)

PG does a lot that other code editors do not do… i think they have avoided dipping their toe into that because, as you can see by looking at the more feature rich (text based) code editors, there are a galaxy of features and quirky bits that ppl would want.

however the users of those code editors don’t get the UX that PG offers.

its my opinion that if you want the best of both worlds, you need to integrate one of the better text based editors using their PG plug in.

VSCode and Atom both offer PG plugins so they can serve as the text editor PG is missing.

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I added Atom onto PN and there I had my side wide search! Great suggestion
@droidgoo. Problem solved. Thx!!

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