Figma --> Webflow -->> Wordpress

Dear community, maybe someone here already has experience with webflow to wordpress conversion. I have seen that Webflow now has a plugin for Figma. SO you can quickly and uncomplicated bring his layout to Webflow. I have tested a little and it already works very well. So I can create a responsive prototype for the customer very quickly and then refine it and I do not have to build everything from scratch again later. Does anyone have experience, whether the exported code from Webflow with the Pinegrow Webeditor well weiterverabeiten can and design a theme from it or if necessary static pages. There is also the “Pinegrow Theme Converter for WordPress” from Pinegrow. However, this has received its last update in 2020.

Perhaps there are also pitfalls that I do not think of yet. For tips, tricks and experiences I am grateful.

Here is the link to the Figma Plugin:

This is not meant to be advertising. Is intended for better understanding. I am looking forward to your experiences. (Maybe this is already available for wordpress :slight_smile: )

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Struggling to understand.

You want to know if Webflow exported code works well in Pinegrow? Yes, it’s fine.

And then you want to take this code and make it into a Wordpress theme? No problems.

Basically, it doesn’t matter that you’ve brought in HTML that was generated from Webflow. Pinegrow is unbiased in this way and the export from Webflow includes all the assets that you need to run the site outside of Webflow.

You just need to know how to build a Wordpress theme from a static site.

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