General Pinegrow Question

Hello everyone!

I am new to Pinegrow and would appreciate if someone could give me some advice. I am designing mainly using Webflow, however, some of my clients prefer their site being hosted using WordPress CMS. Since I don’t know how to code PHP, I can’t really take the Webflow html, CSS and JS code to convert it to a WP theme myself. So this is how I first read about Pinegrow, as it seems to be a good solution to my problem.

My question is now, which of the Pinegrow Application would be best for my situation. I read that while you can export Webflow code, certain things like search bar and contact form will not work once everything is converted to WP. My solution to that problem would be, that I export the HTML, CSS and JS code files from Webflow, start a new WP theme using Local Flywheel with these files, add certain WP plugins, like for example the WPForms plugin, add the shortcode from that plugin to the respective HTML file, also add some css to style that form, and then use Pinegrow to turn that static page into a dynamic / css website.

Does the way I want to go about this work? And if not, why and what else could I do? And which of the Pinegrow applications would be best for that approach?

I would appreciate any help a lot :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Hi @JanaL welcome to the forum.

If you wish to design in Webflow and get to Wordpress then Theme Convertor would be your best option.

It’s also discussed on the Webflow forums so maybe you can review those from a Webflow standpoint.

Once you create your WP theme you can add in whatever WP plugins you desire.

Hi! Thank you so much for the quick response!

I know that I can add WP plugins once the theme is live, but my understanding is that then I can’t edit the html and css files anymore. The WPforms look pretty basic. So the last time I just added the shortcode to my html page, then styled it in my css file. How would I do that when the theme is already live and I don’t have access to the html and css files anymore?

You’re welcome, have you see the Form Smart Action in the Theme Convertor?

Also its setup so you can go back and make changes in your prefered design app.

I would suggest downloading the trial and see how it fits in your overall workflow.