File Manager Missing

For me, having a file manager feature would be a huge plus…
I should be able to rename a file, move its location, or add a folder in the Project pane and PG update the path structure throughout the site.
The evil DW has always done this - currently doing this through another app - like Atom, to me is a clunky workaround

Coming to Pinegrow from Dreamweaver, a file manager is something I miss. And to have it be all automatic-update-like would be a wonderful thing. (Though I have no clue how much dev-work this would require.)

Also… Thankyou SteveH, for your final comment: I had not previously realized that Atom has this capability. I shall look into it.

Using Atom (or VS) is basically doing a project wide Find and Replace, not an automatic function as in DW - but it does the job.

Here is a good post that may be of some help:

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How are you guys as SCSS?

I need help with something.

I’m not that advanced - but this may be a way to start…

This should open a dialog that lets PG import your files and work with them (I think)

more here:

hope this points you in the right direction

I dont understand why I simply cant drag & drop files into the project folder?

Or where is the “import file/document” option/button?

@seaj1one To keep consistency and organization in the forum, please, thank you for not hijacking other topics, even if a topic you have created does not receive attention or responses.

Thank you for your understanding.

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Regarding the integration of an advanced file manager (I specify “advanced” because there is already a simplified file manager in Pinegrow > the Project tab), insofar as Pinegrow projects are simple folders containing themselves folders and standard files stored on the hard disk of the computer running Pinegrow, to simplify and optimize the process, we considered that nothing could match the advanced features of the file managers available from the host operating systems (Finder, Explorer etc…).

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Coolio - many thanks for looking. I’m afraid that I’m not using Bootstrap but would like the same up the same or similar though. :heart_eyes:

My bad @Emmanuel I understand and sorry.

Maybe i mis-communicated my feature wish.
No need to reinvent the Finder, but if I move or rename a file within PGs Project pane, then that change would be updated throughout the project.

Also, thanks for the reminder to keep the threads on track. Apologies

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We do have Fix links… command (right click on the HTML file in Project panel) that helps with restoring broken links. It is not perfect, but it can help in such situations.

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