Workflow helpers

What add-on to Pinegrow would best help your daily workflow? Image formatting, integrated FTP, …?

spell check option for text

being able to resize the INSERT CODE text box in Library panel (at least make it taller)

more types of pseudo selectors to toggle in the Active Styles tab for the Styles panel, such as :checked

EDIT: already added this under Feature Request, but the Duplicate does not work well when more than one element is selected, it changes the order and put them in separate places in the tree, instead of – just duplicating what is selected… that would help.

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SFTP like the Sublime Text one.
A developer mode you can activate to work with PHP websites that recognizes PHP includes!


Spell check, DEFINATELY Spell Check

Sublime text plugin.

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Not sure my Python skills are up for this!

How about a w3c dictionary that’s accessible when you right click on an element or via search terms from within Pinegrow?

Spell checker would be very useful.

FTP defenately! I miss that a lot!

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Seconding FTP hereby (it’s currently my only third-party app in use). And if I could have a wish: As cool as GitHub Desktop :heart_eyes: . Furthermore, FTP functionality would make PG’s CMS worth thinking about.



Spell Check -Yes.
File/Folder/Site Management - YESYES. Being able to rename or move a folder or file, and having PG update all corresponding names and links accordingly. Using ATOM currently, but a manual Find/Replace is less than adequate.

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oh come on @RobM, Pull the Adder one… Cough cough.
snake joke