First export - css and js files error 404

Hello everyone,

When I import my html into Pinegrow, it looks good but when I go to the WordPress-site and activate the theme, I get a bunch of errors like:

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (not found)

So actually the url is missing that part referring to the theme location: /wp-content/themes/my-theme.

How can I solve this? I ran out of ideas…

Thanks for the help.

Hi there @24degrees, You have been around here for quite a while now, so I guess you know that you ahve to do a LOAD of stuff to produce a wordpress theme don’t you>? not just import, expot and YAY! job done.

Like all of this, just to get started!
(old interface for another version)

Personally I never had success, as I soon realised that I actually had to know how Wordpress actually works, its construction (@Emmanuel usuallly recommends a link to the wordpress codex) and… I don’t.

One day I will (might)
So I wont say anymore incase you HAVE done all that stuff, in which case, my reply is pretty useless and I’ll let someone else take over, who CAN make wordpress themes. I just thought I’d throw that in, just in case you hadn’t checked out that video and all the wordprss actions you have to add etc.

(And I guess you have actually added AND Activated the bootstrap framework in Manage Frameworks and Plugins - the two little tools icons on the right , at the top of the Library tab, to the right of the search box. Also labelled manage Libraries and Plugins in the main FILE/ menu…I’m not sure why the title is different.

Hi @schpengle,

I know, you still have to do a lot of work when converting html to a WordPress theme using Pinegrow. But this error in particular is returning from time to time. The naughty devil always appears after a every 5th theme or so. I’ve already made around 20 themes that all work fine. But then all of the sudden, against all logic, this error pops up again.

But then again: I took the car for a drive, took some distance from everything computer related, and the mysterious brain did his job: my local server and network setup sometimes has issues with read/write rights and caching.

Clearing the cache (of the server and all clients, not my brain cache), solved the problem.

Woohoo :wink:

My first Material Design for Bootstrap theme is a fact.

Next step is learning in depth php.


OH super! well done! and that is good infor for others that may too have this random error. Cheers for taking my (low level) feedback so well. I figured you’d probably know by now…but… assumption is the mother of all cock ups!

And are you going to showcase your first Material design theme in #showcase ?
so we can all look upon your works and tremble/marvel?
mwaa haaa haa

That’s a good idea. Although it is a site in my native language, being dutch, it might be interesting to people other people to see how it looks. And how it will evolve in time. It will be online while not finished, but because of the urgency, I will keep on working on it daily.

But it’s not a state of the art theme, maybe one day :wink: