Exporting theme ERROR

am getting an error message when i active the theme after exporting

how do i fix it

@solotron Please, export your project then send it to the support team (please follow the instructions from the documentation page) so they can explore the situation and check for possible issues.

@Emmanuel doing that now, am trying to convert the site to full wordpress theme and content,

@Emmanuel Please am still waiting for feedback for the request (21805), how long does it normal take?

Hello Solomon,

I have sent you our response, but I will reiterate the main points here so that it can be helpful to others:

Before proceeding with the HTML to WordPress conversion, it’s important to ensure that your HTML template is clean and well-organized. In reviewing your case, we noticed that the template you sent, which is a capture of a Drupal-based website, is not suitable for conversion.

We talk about this point in our WordPress FAQ: FAQ about creating WordPress themes with Pinegrow | Pinegrow Web Editor

We suggest reevaluating your project and reorganizing the capture process to include only essential elements for the conversion. If you encounter challenges, consider recreating the HTML structure using Pinegrow web development tools and focusing on accurately capturing the content for integration into your WordPress architecture.

Additionally, it seems that you have sent us the original export rather than the “Pinegrow project” currently being edited. Therefore, we are unable to pinpoint the specific issues in your conversion attempt (and your export to MAMP).

IMPORTANT : I would like to emphasize that in the case of capturing such a comprehensive service as the one you want to convert, I am pretty sure that your method is not the right approach. As a professional, I wouldn’t dare to attempt it either. Instead, I would consider recreating the HTML structure (which is pretty simple as far as I can see) using Pinegrow web development tools and focus on capturing the content as accurately as possible to integrate it later into my WordPress architecture…

Best regards,