Font Awesome 4.7.0

How do you update the update the Font Awesome library in Pinegrow?

  • I have replaced the fonts and css in Windows’ Program Files.

  • I can update the css path in each file to: <link href="" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">

It works in my project, but the preview in Pinegrow defaults to the glass icon. Also the new icons in 4.7.0 do not show up in the library. What am I missing?

@shawnide I’ve never had any issue with preview or wrong icons but I’ve downloaded the updated Font Awesome locally with assets/fonts/font.awesome.min.css attached. I then remove the attached stylesheet font.awesome.min.css to replace with cdn version when project goes live.

This means I always have the updated Font Awesome icons within Pinegrow.

@Jack_Clarity Thanks for the info… So when you pull from the updated local file, the Font Awesome views in the component library update?

I can get Font Awesome to work using code, but it would speed up the workflow if I could select an icon from the library.

That’s right @shawnide use all local files, just overwrite the fonts folder with the updated 4.7 files and make sure you attach font-awesome.min.css to every page

Weird @Jack_Clarity… The icons from 4.7.0 are still not in Pinegrow for me. See image below for id-badge preview in Pinegrow.

I am having a similar issue. I’ve made sure I’ve added font awesome resources and refreshed my libraries, etc, but the only thing I see is the martini glass. Can’t add anything else. Thee weird thing is that even though I have added this library to my project according to PG, the fonts are not in the project folder.

Hi! sorry for delay, I was kidding myself I had a life to live…

anyway, here you go, how ot add font awesome icon and vary them
so, here you go @jefferis

and just checking… is this a bug/feature/error in the animation bit?
if I choose the spin animation, it is like I would expect.
if I choose Pulse, er its not! its just spinning at twice the rate.