Icons, Icons and more Icons


Font Awesome is of course Awesome and I’ve downloaded the latest version, so it’s loaded when I create a new bootstrap project using my own template, however is it possible to include other icons?

Would it be possible to have the foundation icons included in the next version? http://zurb.com/playground/foundation-icon-fonts-3

Say you have an icon plug-in that allows you to select Font Awesome or Foundation Icons and we can drop in the Foundation Icons the same way we do with Font Awesome.

I currently use the Foundation set but it can be annoying searching through the various icons with no proper search facility!

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Hi Jack,

In the meantime …

You could link to the CDN version

And use this search in the meantime:

Which you can easily copy paste the class reference of each icon. It also offers some of the many other Icon libraries as well. (IcoMoon, Ionicons, Glyphicons, Octicons, etc.,)

Hope it helps your efforts.


Nice, that is very useful!

I actually can’t use the link re the icons, instead I downloaded the icon set and manually enter the icon using the correct class, as for some reason Pinegrow likes to make things difficult lol all other software installed on linux I can allow access through my firewall, but not Pinegrow (can’t figure out why)

This is why none of the features, such as google maps/fonts work or if I try and activate font awesome (it doesn’t work) so I again I have to manually download.

But I prefer this as its resulted in me creating my own templates with all the updated files saved locally!

You’re welcome, glad it helps.

Hmmm, that’s weird. I am on OS X, don’t know why that would be on Linux however (sounds rather peculiar). It’s always good for speed to use CDN, etc., versions when possible for cached purposes and thus page loads.

Yeah I could still use the CDN, I just can’t visually see within Pinegrow but can always update when site goes live.

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found) - thats the error message I see in the development console for google maps/fonts etc and font awesome.

If I use bootstrap studio, I can use google maps and the latest icon sets - anyway, not a major issue :slight_smile:

I was just having another look at this issue and I’ve managed to fix this as I’ve changed the internal web server hostname, changed the ports and added a new rule in my firewall to allow PInegrow access.


This is Linux for you - overly secure (if thats possible) and everything manually done, not like the days of using windows software! (I don’t miss them days)!

@Jack glad to hear you got it sorted it seems to be something that a number of users have experienced but at least it is easily enough solved. So with @Pinegrow_User’s links Foundations icons are available in all their glory to you.

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